Loren L. Lichti
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I attended Art College at the Kansas City Art Institute, in Kansas City Missouri and 1981 graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and Printmaking. While these were formative years and the formal “Art Education” is highly valued, it is in the living of life where true inspiration resides. ​​Learning to see and feel all things around you is to truly experience life on this planet. A formal Art Education and years ​of experience developing and refining technical ​skills alone, creates little.
​I​t is in the combination of ​these
​qualities with a free ​and almost
​childlike process ​of creative invention,
​curiosity and exploration
​ where I find the greatest joy.


Art without spirit is mere decoration, leaving one wanting more.The beauty of all of God’s creation is awe inspiring yet no man has partaken enough of this fruit. My time out west in both Arizona and Colorado has afforded me ample opportunities to develop a profound connection and to absorb the true beauty of this land. I hope my Artwork reflects a greater appreciation and a spiritual connection to all that surrounds me. My hope for the viewer is for them to experience more than beautiful sculptures and imagery.